The Trenton diaspora is everywhere, but our hearts are here.

Your support is critical to the success of this effort.
With your help we are restoring dignity to our ancestors’ cemeteries, honoring their contributions, and setting a good example of stewardship for future generations.

For credit card donations, please complete the form below. While our transaction processor doesn’t offer an option to cover the transaction fees, please consider rounding up your donation by 3% or more.

To donate by mail, please send a check to:
Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project, Inc.
Attn: Rachel Stark, Esq.
Stark & Stark
P.O. Box 5315
Princeton, NJ 08543

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Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law. Consult your advisor for guidance. Our 501(c)3 tax ID number is 83-1490842.


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