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The GTJCP Genealogy Team

Beginning around 1850, Trenton had a sizable, vibrant Jewish population of German, Russian Empire, and Hungarian immigrants. Due to demographic changes and the exodus to nearby suburbs, few Jews remain in Trenton today.

Still, several incredibly useful resources remain for genealogists: the local cemeteries, and resources from the New Jersey State Library and the New Jersey State Archives.

The GTJCP has an active, engaged Genealogy Team conducting research on an ongoing basis. To reach them, please send your message and contact info to us via our Contact page.

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Our database of approximately 1,575 records, all from the Pitman Cluster cemeteries is located at:  
At the time this listing was created, some gravesites in the cluster were still inaccessible due to overgrowth, or being indecipherable. In time, we will add to the database with information from the People of Truth Memorial Section (Cedar Lane) cemetery.

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