What others think.

We’ve received many compliments for the efforts of the Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project. Here are a few.  To add your comments, please use submit your testimonial here.  Note: not all testimonials submitted will be published here.

“I was able to see headstones of relatives that I haven’t been able to see for years. Everything looked great.”
“In past years, I would visit my grandparents’ grave in the People of Truth section. I would step over weeds, fallen branches, and, indeed, fallen trees in the almost wooded section of the cemetery. Last month I went to visit and had the joyful surprise of finding their stones in a clean, beautifully open area. Close by were their parents (my great grandfather, after whom I am named), their son (shot down over France in his first mission in WWII), and multiple other relatives from both sides of my family. Keep up the good work!”
“Let me commend you for the work that you have done in the old orphaned cemeteries in Trenton. The transformation is amazing.”
“It was in terrible disrepair in the past. Now, it brings me and my sister peace. I appreciate it so much. Beautiful!”
“My family are in St. Louis, Chicago and Toronto, so I have no relatives in Trenton. But I have now lived in Princeton for more than 40 years and feel a part of the Central NJ Jewish community. My gift was really just a gesture of fellowship…”

Donate, please, for the sake of our ancestors’ living legacy.