Restoring and maintaining these cemeteries is a group effort made possible by your support.

Outstanding progress has been made so far, including these efforts at GTJCP’s Pitman Cluster:

  • Fencing along the perimeter and between the five adjacent cemeteries was removed and discarded.
  • 225+ falling, sinking and neglected gravestones were repaired.
  • 44 trees and 53 tree stumps threatening the integrity of the graves were removed from the property.
  • Overgrowth was removed throughout all five cemeteries, as shown below.
  • New fencing has been installed around entire perimeter of the property. 
  • Extensive repairs to sidewalks and iron gates were completed.
  • Grading and grass seeding was improved for the entire site.
  • New signage was designed and installed.
  • Landscaper was engaged to maintain grass and remove trash.

Much more remains to be done, including these tasks at the People of Truth Memorial Section:

  • Repair at least 42 gravestones.
  • Remove trees and overgrowth along all three sides.
  • Clean up midnight dumping along rear of the property.
  • Repair and paint front iron fence and gates.

Additional funding is needed for this work. We greatly appreciate your support!

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A challenging project offering heartfelt rewards

With more than 2,100 gravesites in our care, the work of the Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project is both monumental and rewarding. We do this because — like you — we respect and honor those who came before us, and want to assure that they are never to be forgotten.

A methodical approach.
We are using a step-by-step approach to make sure that our ancestors’ resting places are respected and maintained.

The highest priority is given to those gravesites that are damaged — some graves have sunken, some stones have toppled, some are broken, some are badly stained. Many graves have been undermined by tree roots and excessive shrubbery, along with widespread overgrowth of vines, bushes and grasses.

Security is another priority that has taken considerable attention and resources. We have replaced all of the dilapidated fencing at the Pitman Cluster, and plan to do the same at the People of Truth cemetery on Cedar Lane.

Safety is important as well; we have replaced many walkways, with more access improvements planned. And new, modern and uniform signage makes it easier for visitors to locate the cemeteries, including the five adjacent properties that comprise the Pitman Cluster.

Finally, ongoing maintenance is contracted to bonded, local landscapers who respectfully go about the business of assuring that our grounds are presentable year-round.

The Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project, GTJCP
Only with your support can this effort continue.