On May 7, 2023, scores of visitors gathered at the GTJCP cemeteries on Pitman Avenue in Hamilton Township to see for themselves the improvements to the cemeteries, and to learn the stories of some of the remarkable individuals buried there.   Scroll to the bottom of the page for a gallery of additional photos.

(Left to right) Lynne Azarchi, Albert Stark, and Paul Schindel discussed the origins of the Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project, which began in 2018 to restore and maintain five orphaned Jewish Cemeteries on Pitman Avenue in Hamilton Township, and educate the community about the Jewish community of Trenton from the mid-19th century to the present. Photo: Sara Pinkus
Bonnie Goldman (left) reenacted the hardships her grandmother, Rose Azarchi, faced immigrating from Ukraine for New York, to visitors to the Greater Trenton Jewish Cemetery Project. Photo: Sara Pinkus.
Bonnie Goldman is wearing the sweater and hat that her grandmother, Rose Azarchi, wore when she came to America via Ellis Island. Photo: Sara Pinkus
Beverly Weinstein (center) told the story of her grandfather, Benjamin Melman’s immigration from Europe to Trenton. Photo: Sara Pinkus.
Close-up of Benjamin Melman’s immigration papers. Photo: Sara Pinkus.
Jacob Lillienthal (right), told the story of his great-great-great grandparents, David and Bessie Stark. Photo: Sara Pinkus


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